World History MCQ-4

World History Practice Questions for UPPSC,APPSC,WBPSC,TNPSC,IES,RRB,TET Exams

Which among the following battles was not fought by Napolean ?


The Hundred – year War fought between France and England was started by


Scientific Socialism is connected with


To which of the following countries did Karl Marx belong ?


Kerensky was associated with the


‘Phoney War’ is associated with the invasion by


‘Boston Tea Party’ is associated with the


The war of American Independence was fought between


When was the War of American Independence fought ?


Who drafted the ‘Declaration of American Independence’


When was the ‘Declaration of Right’s drafted for American Independence ?


World War I commenced in


World War II commenced in


The Treaty of Versailles was signed in


The first atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on


The second atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on


Crusades were


Crusades were conducted by European Christians to liberate Jerusalem from the domination of


Crusades were conducted during the period


Which country suffered the maximum in World War II?


Bangladesh was created in


Zimbabwe attained independence in


Why did Pakistan leave the Common wealth in 1971?


Napolean Bonaparte belonged to


The Treaty of Versailles ended the