World History MCQ-17

World History Practice Questions for CDS, MPPSC, RRB, PSU, NDA, TSPSC, SSC, UPSC Exams

The greatest of Greek philosophers was Herodotus Plutarch Aeschylus Confucius


Who among the following is associated with ‘Golden Mean’?


Which was not a Roman Philosopher?


Two important schools of philosophy Stoicism and Epicureanism were associated with __.


Which of the following statements are correct?

The city of Rome was founded about 1000 BC in the districts of Latium, south of the Tiber River.
The language of the ancient Romans, Latin, gets its name from Latium.
The Political system of the Roman republic consisted of two consuls, the senate and the assembly.
Roman society was divided into two classes – patricians and plebeians.


Which of the following is associated with Twelve Tables’?


Between whom were the Punic wars fought?


Who among the following was associated with Cleopatra (beauty queen of Egypt)


A king of the Roman Empire, in 37 BC, became the most powerful and ruled for 44 years. Who was that king?


Who among the following built a new capital of Roman Empire called Constantinople on the site of ancient Byzantium?


For what purpose, primarily, roads were built in ancient Roman Empire?


Which of the following languages is/are based on ‘Latin’?


Which of the following is correctly matched ?
Books—- Authors


Which of the following is the sacred book of Judaism?


What European country-below did not develop an absolute form of monarchy during the 1600s and 1700s?


Which of the following is the place of worship for Judaism?


The Jesus Christ, founder of the Christian religion, was a ___.


Which of the following is/are correctly matched?


Which of the following is not a place of worship for Christianity?


When did the ‘Christian Era’ start?


What is the meaning of the word ‘Bible’?


Which of the following is not associated with the Early American Civilization?


Who were the first Europeans to go to Africa and write about it?


Where is the Church St. Sophia located?


Feudal System in Europe was essentially a _ system.