World History MCQ-21


The practice of exploitation, particularly economic exploitation and domination of independent but economically less developed countries, is often called __.


Which of the following was not the colony of Spain?


Who among the following asked his countrymen to shoulder ‘the white man’s burden’?


Who said the statement ”Superior races have the duty of civilizing the inferior race”?


The most important condition favoring imperialist conquest of Asia and Africa was that:


When was the first Opium War held between Britain and China?


After opium war Chinese government agreed that British subjects in Chinese ports would be tried for any crimes in English rather than in Chinese courts. This provision, which other western countries copied, came to be known as ___


Which European country joined the Britain in the Second Opium War fought against China between 1856-60?


USA suggested a policy, according to which all countries would have equal rights to trade anywhere in China, was known as ___


Which of the following countries is associated with Boxer Rebellion’?


Indonesia and the surrounding islands and Moluccas (a group of islands) were the colony of:


The area in South East Asia once called Indo-China consists of:


When was Burma (now, Myanmar) annexed and became a part of Britain’s’ empire in India?


Which of the following was known as ‘Siam’?


Which of the following countries had never been colonized?


Which of the following was the only Asian imperialist country?


About ___ per cent of all boundaries in Africa are in straight lines.


The historic battle in which an African state (Abyssinia, now known as Ethiopia) had defeated a European state’s (Italy) army is known as


Who was the Prime Minister of Britain when the Suez Canal was completed in 1869?


A new corollary, the United State alone had the right to intervene in the affairs of her neighbouring countries if they were unable to maintain order on their own, was added to the Monroe Doctrine by the US President ___.


Which of the following was given the status of ‘honorary whites’ by South Africa?


When were the ‘Triple Alliance’ comprising Germany, Austria – Hungary and Italy formed?


When was the ‘Triple Entente’ comprising France, Russia and Britain formed?


Which of the following did introduce the use of tank first time in First World War?


In the First World War, submarine called U-Boats were used on a large scale not only to destroy enemy ships but also ships of neutral countries by ____.