World History MCQ-20

World History online Exam TSPSC,UPSC,MPPSC,CDS,NDA,SSC CHGL Exams

Arrange the following Chinese dynasties into chronological order:

1 . Shang
2 . Chou
3 . Chin
4 . Han 5 . Sui


Who began the construction of a wall in Ancient China to keep out Invaders from the north known as the Great Wall of China?


What is the meaning of word ‘Lao-Tse’?


Which of the following is known as ‘King Futse’?


Who among the following emphasised the ‘Five Relationships’?


The millions of Buddhists in China were mainly of the __sect.


Who among the following standardised the Chinese script?


Which country’s script has influence of Chinese script?


Who is remembered as the Herodotus of China?


Which of the following was not invented by China?


Which of the following statements are correct about the ancient Chinese civilization?

1 . They knew the causes of eclipses and could accurately predict them .
2 . In Mathematics the Chinese used the decimal system .
3 . The Chinese numerical system was multiplicative, i .e . to write 300 they would write the characters of 100 and 3 .
4 . Long before the Europeans, the Chinese had more or less accurately calculated the value of pie (n ) .


Which of the following was invented by China?


Which European nation first began sustained campaign of exploration?


What was Portugal’s principal colony in Latin America?


Which of the following civilizations is associated with ‘Achaemenid Empire’?


When did the Arabs, who emerged as a strong power after the rise of Islam, conquered Iran?


Which of the two places were connected by the ‘Royal Road’ made by Achaemenid ruler?


Who was the founder of religion Zoroastrianism’?


The Parsis in India are the followers of ___.


Which of the following is associated with ‘Hellenes’?


Which of the following poems was/were credited to a Greek poet named Homer?


When was the ‘Battle of Marathon’ occurred?


The Peloponnesian War’ was fought between __ and __.


Which of the following is not correctly matched?


Who wrote the book The Republic’?