World History MCQ-19

World History objective Questions for NDA, SSC, RRB, TSPSC, UPSC, CDS, MPPSC, PSU Exams

Arrange the following of the Feudal Society in Western Europe in hierarchical order?

Dukes and Earls


Which period in medieval western Europe is known as ‘Dark Ages’?


Where is the Cathedral of Notre Dame located?


When and where was Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, born?


Which of the following years is considered as the first year of the Muslim calendar?


Which of the following is correctly matched?


Which of the following statements are correct?

1 . The people of Arabia (Medieval Times) were divided into a number of tribes which lived mainly on the breeding of livestock .
2 . Muslims recognized earlier prophets as well as Muhammad, but believe that Muhammad was the last and the greatest .

3 . After the death of Muhammad, his successors were known as ‘Caliphs’, or ‘Khalifas’ who held both religious and political authority .

4 . The Quran, the holy book of Islam, it is believed, reports the word of god received by Muhammad through the angel Gabriel .


When did Prophet Muhammad die?


Who wrote the book ‘Rubaiyat’?


Of which country was the religion ‘Shintoism’?


Which of the following countries is associated with ‘Zen Buddhism’?


Where did the ‘Renaissance’ first begin?


Who among the following was the artist of Renaissance period?


Which of the following is correctly matched?


Which of the following is MOST true of eighteenth-century European society?


What were the basic features of the ‘Gothic architecture’ which had dominated the architectures of Cathedrals and Churches from the 12th and 13th centuries?


Which of the following helped encourage the Europeans to explore the wider world?


Which of the following is NOT true about the emergence of capitalism in Europe?


The encomienda system most resembled Russia serfdom in that:


Which was the first significant work in a modern European language?


Which of the following became England’s first successful colony in North America?


By the historians, who is considered as the founder of ‘Humanism’?


The Manchus and the Mongols were both


Who wrote the book ‘Utopia’?


Who is known as the ‘father of modern political philosophy’?