World History MCQ-12

World History Practice Questions for UPSC, CDS, PSU, RRB, NDA, SSC, MPPSC, TSPSC Exams

In the nineteenth century, the people of Europe started moving from the villages to cities due to the impact of


Which British king was beheaded?


Which country did not join Second World War?


What is the historical importance of 30 A.D.?


Which ancient ruler wept because he had no more place to conquer?


Who comes to your mind, when you think of Macedonia?


Mention the year out of the following during which three kings ruled Britain.


Who was considered to be a model of all the Prime Ministers?


Who was the first Prime Minister of Jewish descent in England?


Which king of England convened useless parliament?


Who was the first occupant of White House?


Who was the only President who did not live in Washington?


Who functioned both as the President and the Vice-President of America?


Name the President of USA who had drafted a major portion of the ‘Declaration of Independence’? –


Where was the ‘Declaration of Independence’ for America signed?


When did the parliamentary rule begin in England?


Who became the Prime Minister of England for four times?


No written records about which of the following contemporary ancient civilisations have so far come to light?


The Glorious Revolution or Bloodless Revolution in England ended the


Slavery was abolished in America in


The important cause of Civil War in America was


The year 1992 was celebrated as the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s first voyage to the New World. In 1492 Columbus reached


Unification of Italy was achieved by 1870 under


‘Renaissance’took place in Europe in


The French Revolution gave rise to the theory of