World History MCQ-11

World History objective Questions for MPPSC,CDS,NDA,RRB,UPSC,TSPSC,SSC,PSU Exams

Which of the following books was written by ‘Machiavelli’?


When was the first ‘printed’ book brought out?


Which of the following is often described by the phrase ‘papal monarchy’?


What was the language of the Catholic Church?


Who was the inspirer and sponsor of the first English translation of the Bible?


Who among the following was the main force behind the ‘Protestant Revolution’?


Which of the following is not correctly matched?


Which of the following kings is associated with the ‘Magna Carta’?


Who among the following was known as ‘Lord Protector’?


What was a major consequence of plantation mono culture?


Which of the following countries is associated with ‘Glorious Revolution’?


Which year can be considered as the beginning of Industrial Revolution in England?


Which of the following are not associated with the Industrial Revolution’?

Industrial Capitalism
Domestic System
Putting-out system
Machine Age

Factory System


Match the following:

List -1— List – II

A . Hargreaves 1 . Invented a machine which speed up spinning .
B . Crompton 2 . Combined the advantages of the earlier invented machines .
C . Arkwright 3 . Adapted the speedup spinning machine for running with water .



One effect of the Protestant Reformation on women in Europe was


Which country did the Boers come from, and in which African region did they settle?


Which of the following is correctly matched?


When did the first Railway Train begin to carry passengers and freight?


Who among the following devised the method of making ‘pakka’ roads?


Where did the ‘Chartist Movement’ occur?


Who wrote the book The Wealth of National’?


Which of the following periods in European history is called the ‘Age of Reason’ or the ‘Age of Enlightenment’?


When did the English Parliament pass the ‘Stamp Act’ regarding American Colonies?


Which of the following is associated with the slogan ‘No taxation without representation’?


Which year is associated with the ‘Boston Tea Party’?