World History MCQ-6

World History Model Questions for Competitive Exams UPSC,RRB,IES,APPSC ,WBPSC

The Secretary General of UNO who died in an air – crash was


Which of the following international organizations is dedicated to the cause of wild life conservation?


Which of the following UN organizations is concerned with the welfare of the children throughout the world ?


In which year did India become a member of UNO ?


Which of the following UN principal organs is concerned with the international social, cultural and economic problems of the world


Which UN Agency has its H.Q. in Paris?


In which month does the UN General Assembly usually meet every year ?


What is the normal tenure of the office of the UN Secretary General ?


To which country did the first Secretary General of the UNO belong?


The term of office of a judge of the International Court of Justice is ?


Which of the following is not an official language of the UNO ?


How many nations signed the UN Charter when the organization was established ?


Which country joined the UNO in 1993 as its 184th member?


The UN Agency set up to improve standard of education and strengthen international cooperation in this sphere is called.


Which day is observed as Commonwealth day by member countries ?


The Heads of Governments of the countries which are members of the Commonwealth meet 101


Where is the H.Q. of the European Economic Community ?


When was the Common Market established ?


The treaty to form NATO was signed at


Which of the following countries rejoined as the 49th member of the Commonwealth in 1991?


Where is the H.Q. of the International Red Cross Committee ?


Where is the H.Q. of the Interpol ?


India is a member of


Who was the first Chairman of the SAARC?


How many nations form the Commonwealth now ?