World History MCQ-1

World History Objective Questions for UPSC,SSC,NDA,APPSC,RRB ,DSC,WBPSC,IndianAirforce,WNPSC,IES,BiharPSC Exams


Which were the two countries who fought in the Opium war?

A. China and France
B. China and England
C. America and Russia
D. France and Spain


What was Edward’s main contribution to England?

A. Growth of Privy Council
B. Laws relating to the rule of British colonies
C. Growth of Parliament
D. None of the above


Who was called “Austerity Chancellor”?

A. Stafford Cnpps
B. Wavett
C. Winston Churchill
D. Major


When did the ‘Chinese Revolution’ take place?

A. 1900
B. 1899
C. 1911
D. 1919


When did King John sign “Magna Carta”?

A. 120 B.C.
B. 1215 A.D.
C. 1238 A.D.
D. . None of the above


When was Prophet Mohammed born?

A. 570 A.D.
B. 375 A.D
C. . 43A.D.
D. 4A.D.


Where is the oldest dynasty still ruling?

A. England
B. Japan
C. China
D. None of the above


When did the ‘Russian Revolution’ take place?

A. 1909
B. 1917
C. 1918
D. None of the above


When was atom bomb dropped in Hiroshima?

A. 1945
B. 1955
C. 1961
D. 1900


Why is 4th July, 1776 considered to be important in American History?

A. Slavery was abolished
B. George Washington was elected as the President
C. The civil war had started
D. American independence was declared


What happened in 1963?

A. Kennedy was assassinated
B. War in Cyprus
C. Suez canal closed
D. None of the above


What was the important event in 1837 A.D.?

A. Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne
B. X-ray was discovered
C. Treaty of Versaillies
D. None of the above


Where was the American War of Independence started?

A. Boston
B. Washington
C. Florida
D. New York


Who was the Prime Minister of England at the start of Second World War?

A. Churchill
B. Atlee
C. Chamberlain
D. None of the above


Which country had a first woman M.P.?

A. Russia
B. East Germany
C. Finland
D. None of the above


Which great woman’s name first appeared in history?

A. Queen Victoria
B. Rani Laxmi Bai
C. Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt
D. Cleopatra


When did the French Revolution take place?

A. 1789
B. 1689
C. 1879
D. 1798