World History MCQ-2

World History MCQ for UPSC,APPSC,RRB,BiharPC,WBPSC,CivilsPrelims .SSC ,NDA,CDSE Exam


Who founded Istanbul?

A. Constantine I
B. Vasco da Gama
C. Marco Polo
D. None of the above


What was the nickname of King Charlemagne?

A. Ruler of the World
B. Warrior Scholar
C. Man of Peace
D. None of the above


Who built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

A. St. Thomas
B. King Nebuchadnezzar
C. Julius Caesar
D. None of the above


Which king was first addressed as ‘Your Majesty’?

A. Louis
B. Victoria
C. Akbar
D. Henry VIII


Great Bath is associated with

A. Egyptian Civilisation
B. Indus Valley Civilisation
C. Roman Civilisation
D. None of the above


The Declaration of Independence of the American Colonies was adopted by the Continental Congress on 4 July, 1776 at

A. Washington D.C.
B. New York
C. Chicago
D. Philadelphia


Which monarch called himself as the Second Alexander?

A. Ashoka
B. Ala-ud-din Khilji
C. Samudragupta
D. Akbar


Name the first king in the world who introduced prohibition?

A. Tippu Sultan
B. Akbar
C. Ashoka
D. Raja Raja Cholan


Treaty of Versailles was drawn up in 1919 between ______ and the Allied Powers.

A. Germany
B. India
C. Japan
D. Russia


Which country is called Constitution Research Society?

A. Vatican
B. Greece
C. England
D. France


Who was the first popular-elected president of Russia?

A. Gorbachev
B. Boris Yeltsin
C. Lenin
D. Vladimir Putin


The original home of the gypsies was

A. Egypt
B. Russia
C. India
D. Persia


The chief advocate of Fascism was

A. Mussolini
B. Adolf Hitler
C. St. Simon
D. Robert Oven


The slogan “No taxation without representation” was raised during the

A. American War of Independence
B. Russian Revolution
C. French Revolution
D. Indian Freedom Straggle


‘War of the Pacific’ is fought by ______ with Peru and Bolivia.

A. Chile
B. Paraguay
C. Uruguay
D. None of these


Industrial Revolution could not have come about without

A. merchant capitalism
B. the Enclosure Movement
C. the services of the proletariat class
D. an Agricultural Revolution


Fabian socialism emerged first in

A. India
B. Great Britain
C. Germany
D. Russia