World History MCQ-13

World History objective Questions for UPSC, RRB, SSC, PSU, CDS, NDA, TSPSC, MPPSC Exams

Crusades were conducted during the period


Crusades were conducted by European Christians to liberate Jerusalem from the domination of


The Japanese Prime Minister at the time of the World War II was


The second atom bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on


The Seven Years’ War (1756-63) was fought between


When was the ‘Communist Manifesto’ written?


Who wrote the Communist Manifesto?


The Russian Revolution of 1917 was led by


The Bolshevik Revolution took place in


Who emerged as a great leader after the Russian Revolution?


The Bolshevik Revolution is associated with


The Cultural Revolution of China was initiated in the year


The French Revolution ended in


The slogan of the French Revolution was


Who emerged as a great leader in France as a result of the ‘French Revolution’?


‘Phoney War’ is associated with the invasion of


‘Boston Tea Party’ is associated with the


The War of American Independence was fought between


When was the War of American Independence fought?


When was the ‘Declaration of Rights’ drafted for American Independence?


World War I commenced in


World War II commenced in


Who among the following was involved in the Thirty Years’War?


The first atom bomb was dropped in Hiroshima on


The Renaissance first began in