World History MCQ-10

When did USA declare war on Germany during the First World War?


Who was the leader of revolution in Turkey after First World War?


When was the Treaty of Versailles’ signed with Germany?


The precious metal most sought by the Spanish and Portuguese in the Americas was:


When did the Russian Revolution (also called Bolshevik Revolution, or October Revolution) take place?


Who was the autocratic ruler of Russia, when the Russian Revolution took place?


The leader of the Bolsheviks was Vladimir Flyich Ulyanov, popularly known as ______.


Which of the following countries is associated with ‘Bloody Sunday’?


The fall of the Czar in Russia is known as __.


Which of the following parties in Russia did advance the slogan ‘All Power to the Soviets’?


Who among the following wrote the book ‘Mein Kampf (literal meaning ‘My Struggle’)?


Which of the following is wrongly matched?


To meet the threat posed by fascist and other anti-democratic forces, a government comprising Socialist, Radical Socialist and Communist parties was formed in This is known as the ‘Popular Front’ government in


The world-wide economic crisis originating in the USA began in ___.


The only country which was not affected by the economic crisis of 1929-33 was ___.


Under the leadership of Franklin D Roosevelt a programme of economic reconstruction and social welfare was started. This programme is known as _____.


When was the ‘New Economic Policy’ introduced in Russia?


Who among the following had organized the ‘Red Army’?


Which of the following statements are correct?

1 . Lenin died in 1924 .
2 . Stalin died in 1953 .

3 . Britain established democratic relations with the Soviet Union in 1933 .

4 . In 1934, Soviet Union became a member of the League of Nations .


Who was the founder of National Movement in China?


When was the Communist Party or China formed?


When was the African National Congress formed?


Which of the following was/were the major fascist countries?


Which or the following was/were known as the ‘Axis Powers’?


Which of the following is a short form of Communist International?