World History MCQ-3


The Magna Carta is


The Magna Carta was signed during the reign of


In which year was the Magna Carta signed by the King of England ?


Renaissance’ is


The French Revolution took place during the reign of


The French Revolution began in the year


Fall of the Bastille’ is associated with


The French Revolution gave rise to the theory of


Renaissance took place in Europe in


Who emerged as a great leader in France as a result of the ‘French Revolution’


The solgan of the French Revolution was


The French Revolution ended in


The Russian Revolution took place in the year


The Russian Revolution is associated with


Who emerged as a great leader after the Russian Revolution ?


The Bolshevik Revolution took place in


The Russian Revolution of 1917 was led by


Who wrote the Communist Manifesto


When was the Communist Manifes to written ?


The Seven year war (1756 – 1~63) was fought between


The hundred – year War was fought between


The War of Roses in European history is associated with the


Queen Maria Theresa is associated with the


Which was the Napolean’s last battle in which he was captured and exiled to St Helena?


Battle of Waterloo was fought in