World Geography MCQ-167

World Geography Practice Questions for MPPSC, CDS, NDA, RRB, TSPSC, UPSC, PSU, SSC Exams

The hot and cold deserts together occupy nearly.. .land area of the world,


With the disintegration of USSR in end 1991, comprised of.. .union Republics,


The hot, dry wind on the east or leeward side of the Rocky mountains (North America) is called


Within the transporting medium, transport ; can occur by


The humidity of the air depends upon


The hunting and gathering economy can support only


The hydrological cycle is a conceptual model that describes


The Ice age ended about…years ago.


The imaginary axis at which the earth rotates, remains inclined at an angle of… to the plane of the earth’s orbit,


The imaginary line on the earth’s surface, which closely follows the 180


The important mountains of Europe include


Without…, the equator would be much hotter-than it is while the poles would be much cooler.


The important of crude oil and petroleum done from national oil companies of producer countries, which have a net exportable surplus of oil is by


The infrared radiation by sun are strongly absorbed by


The initial increase of the magnetic field in magnetic storms is caused


The inland sea between the Russian Federation and Iran is


The instrument used for dinging out wind direction is named


The intense-erosion due to the surface I collapse of air bubbles found in rapid flows -of water, is called


The intensity and amount of precipitation depend upon


The intensity of auroras is.. .than that of sun.


The intensity of the plucking process is greatest on… of rock mounds.


The interior regions of Eurasia have a large number of inland seas or lakes. Which one of the following touches the boundary of Iran?


The International Date Line is based on… longitude.


The International Date line roughly corresponds to the


World’s highest waterfalls are in Argentina. Can you name them?