World Geography MCQ-173

World Geography Questions for IES,SSC CHGL,Civil Services,UPPSC Exams

The average elevation of the depth of the oceans is


At sea level, the average height of a column of mercury (Hg) in a barometer is:


The Beaufort wind scale measures wind speed


What is the range of the Beaufort wind scale?


Where is the belt of asteroids located in the solar system?


________ is a discontinuity between the crust and the rest of the lithospheric upper mantle which acts as boundary between them.


Which of the following are bulks of ice on Earth?


At which of the following point, the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales coincide?


Which one of the following supposedly J constitutes the composition of the core of the Earth?


To which of the following layer of the Earth, the as the no sphere is a part of?


Which of the following term describes the concept of floatation of rocks of the crust and upper mantle in gravitational balance?


Where is the continental shelf located?


In the Northern Hemisphere, moving objects shifts to the ______ in their initial path and to the ____ in the Southern Hemisphere due to Coriolis effect,


Wind directions are constant throughout the year because:


What does the Coriolis force do?


The Coriolis force


Which of the following causes the deflection produced by the Coriolis force?


__________ are formed at place where wind erosion hits a barren area in a largely vegetated landscape.


The magnetic field of the Earth is——–


The Earth’s magnetic field originates by


There is a difference between the elevations of continents and oceans because:


Which of the following defines the epicenter of an earthquake?


What is an equinox?


Which of the following provides a good evidence for a solidified inner core?


What does the sorting of Earth’s interior into layers indicates?