World Geography MCQ-175

World Geography Questions for SSC,TSPSC,UPPSC,MPPSC,CDS,Railways,NDA Exams

Which of the following types of soil has theproperty of holding moisture for release to plants during the dry period?


Dead Sea is situated in which one of the following?


Decaying vegetation produces organic acids which cause a breakdown of minerals. This is


Diego Garcia is an


Diego Garcia is situated in the


Diurnal tides are


Dakshin Gangotri is a/an


Doldrums refers to


Down warping of the Rajmahal-Garo gap took place in


During a solar eclipse which of the following represents the relative positions of the sun, the moon and the earth correctly?


During summertime airflow picks up considerable moisture crossing the Indian ocean, and brings a heavy and prolonged wet season to India and southeast Asia through


During the first half of the year, when the Northern Hemisphere tilts towards the sun


During the hot weather season, the northeast India and West Bengal get rainfall from


Which one of the following climatic type of Thornthwaite spreads over the western Rajasthan?




Each time zone is defined by its distance in terms of


Earth completes one rotation on its axis in


Earth is believed to have originated years ago


Which one of the following ethnic groups does not belong to Mongoloids?


Earth is the third planet from the sun and is located between


Earthquakes and volcanoes are associated with


Earthquakes are a form of…energy that is transferred through bedrock,


Earthquakes are caused by


Eastier Belise was known by which one of the following names?


Equinox means