World Geography MCQ-177


Match List I (Countries) with List II (Capital) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists
List I List II
A. Albania 1. Bratislava
B. Croatia 2. Skopje
C. Macedonia 3. Tirana
D. Slovakia 4. Zagreb


Where is Copacabana Beach located?


Assertion (A) Russians get a warm-water port at Murmansk, even though it lies Within the Arctic Circle.
Reason (R) Winds blow predominantly from West to East along the Atlantic coast of Europe.


Which one of the following countries is planning to construct a rival to the Panama Canal to link the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans


Which of the following is the longest river in Japan?


In the South, the forces of the Parana and …… rivers, have been harnessed to form one of the world’s largest hydroelectric projects, the Itaipu Dam.


Identify the wrong pair?


Housing shortages in Brazil mean that about 25 million people live in sprawling shanty towns (slums), called ……… that surround the big cities.


Brazil today supplies 85% of the world’s…….. juice, exporting, it mainly to the USA and Europe.


Assertion (A) In Europe lowlands the general rainfall is 50 to 100 cm per year but is sufficient for a wide range of crops.
Reason (R) The mild temperatures and high atmospheric humidity reduce the rate of evapotran spiration.


Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan is in … Island?


Which of the following is correct order about ethnic composition of Canada? (Figures represent population percentage)


The mineral-rich province of which country produces 90% of the country’s oil output.?


Mount Fujiyama, the highest point in Japan is in?


Identify the correct decreasing order of population density in Europe?


Identify the wrong statement?


Ryukyus islands lie between Japan and?


Which one of the following statements is correct about Japan?


Israel has common borders with?


Which one of the following countries has rupee its currency?


Match the following
A. Perth 1. South Australia
B. Adelaide 2. Western Australia
C. Brisbane 3. Queensland
D. Melbourne 4. Victoria


The ‘New Australians’ include?


Canada is the world’s largest exporter of forest products and …….. produces almost half of Canada’s timber.


Which one of the following countries is land locked?


Match the two Lists and select the correct answer
List I- List II
A. Nagasaki 1. Heavy Cargo Port
B. Kobe 2. Manchester of Japan
C. Osaka 3. Industrial Centre
D. Fukuoko 4. Shipyard