World Geography MCQ-174

World Geography Questions for UPPSC,MPPSC,NCERT,APPSC,CGPSC,RPSC Exams

Consider the following statements
1. About 75% of New Zealand is above the 200 m contour.
2. Mt. Ruapehu volcanic peak is located in the Southern island.
3. New Zealand was discovered by James Cook.
4. New Zealand lies in the zone of westerlies.
Identify the wrong statement(s)


Give the correct sequence of following cities North to South?


Which of the following is the world’s flattest continent?


Which of the following statements about New Zealand is/are not true?
1. New Zealand’s North Island is smaller than South Island.
2. North Island has majority of the population.
3. The South Island is dominated by the Southern Alps.
4. Canterbury Plains are in North Island.


The Ruwenzori range in Africa is?


Which of the following is the world’s Southernmost national capital?


Farms with small landholdings, a Strong subsistence component and having crops like maize, beans etc are called ……. in Latin America.


Which of the following cities has been the coffee-collecting city of Brazil, and was linked by railways with the ocean port of Santos in 1867?


Three major agricultural boosts in older settled territories of Brazil that have contributed to the country’s recent economic growth are


Puerto Montt seaport has become part of……. core region.?


The barren gravel plain, which occupy portions of the Algerian Sahara are referred to as?


Swamps are seen in the Siberian rivers because?


Which of the below mentioned statements is/are true?
1. El Nino disrupts weather patterns around the world, causing drought in Indonesia, Australia, India and Eastern Brazil.
2. It causes unusually heavy rainfall in the US Gulf Coast and parts of South America.
3. It also lowers sea surface temperatures in the Caribbean and Atlantic, which helps prevent the formation and intensity of hurricanes in that region.


Which of the following is the dominant fuel that is trapped in the form of gas hydrates at low temperatures and high pressure below the seabed?


Which of the following is the correct sequence of the given place of Pakistan while moving from the North toward the South?


Antarctica is an example of?


Eurasia includes?


Through which one of the following groups of countries does the equator pass?


Other than India and China, which one of the following groups of countries border Myanmar ?


Which of the following statements is not correct?
Third World countries


Match the following
List I -List I
A. Libya 1. Beirut
B. Austria 2. Bogota
C. Lebanon 3. Tripoli
D. Columbia 4. Vienna


Match the following
List 1 -List II
A. Black Roller 1. Argentina
B. .Brick Fielder 2. Iraq
C. Samun 3. North America
D. Zonda 4. Australia


The expression ‘South Asia’ usually includes?


Following relief zones are the characteristics of ocean basins
1. Continental Slopes
2. Deep Sea Plain
3. Continental Shelf
4. Oceanic trench
The correct sequence of their seaward appearance from the coast is


Match the following
List l (Landform Types) List II(Location)
A. Mariana Trench 1. Atlantic Ocean
B. Sunda Trench 2. Arabian Sea
C. Pureto Ricotrench 3. Indian Ocean
D. Carlsberg Ridge 4. West-Pacific Ocean


Match the following
List l(Countries) -List II (Capitals)
A. Iraq 1 . Lusaka
B. Zambia 2. Buenos Aires

C. Uganda 3. Baghdad
D. Argentina 4. Kampala


Which of the following factors support the hypothesis of the permanency of ocean basins and continents?
1. Absence of normal sedimentary rocks on the oceanic Islands.
2. The Cross-Section of the ocean basin, comprising the broad abyssal through flanked by rim like continental shelves.
3. Occurrence of Shallow-water sands and mud


Assertion (A) The continents are considered as floating on the denser layers of rocks.
Reason (R) The continents are made up of lighter rocks.


The largest reserves of fresh water on the Earth’s surface is in?


Choose the correct statement
1. Zuba is capital of city of newly formed Nation South Sudan.
2. Population of South Sudan is 10million.