World Geography MCQ-160

World Geography objective Quiz for RRB, CDS, TSPSC, SSC, PSU, MPPSC, NDA, UPSC Exams

Black soil is best situated for the cultivation of


Which of the following types of forest mostly grow in the belt of land lying between 50


Bodies which usually fall from the sky on the earth are called


Bolivia is an important producer of


Cambodia was earlier known as


Can you name the American city which witnessed the assassination of President Kennedy?


Central and western part of California experience climate.


With increasing depth, the mantle becomes ______ due to greater ______.


Chicago in USA is famous for


Choose the correct capital and currency of Libya.


Choose the correct combination:


Choose the correct descending order of cotton producing countries in the world:


Choose the correct pair from the following:


Choose the wrong combination.


Choose the wrong definition from the following:


Citrus fruits are normally grown in:


Climate is described in terms of various elements of the weather as


Climate suitable for olives is that of


Climate types are not classified On the . basis of


Cloud Burst means


Colombo is the capital of


Comets are luminous celestial bodies moving round the…


Commercial fishing is best developed in


Compared to other slopes in the northern hemisphere which is the warmest?


Congo is situated on the … coast of Africa,