World Geography MCQ-165

World Geography Model Questions for NDA, UPSC, RRB, CDS, TSPSC, SSC, PSU, MPPSC Exams

The urban population of the world is growing faster than its rural population. This is mainly because of


Match the following
List I(Type of Towns) List II (Name of Cities)
A. Entrepot Port 1. Leiden
B. Administrative Port 2. Singapore
C. Cultural town 3. Esbjerg
D. Packet Stations 4. Washington DC


Consider the following statements
1. Eskimos and the Yakuts hunt reindeer for food.
2. Eskimos live in tents called Tuples’ in summer.
3. In winter, the Eskimo fishes for the subsistence and in summer hunts for the fur trade.
4. In winter Eskimos live in dwelling called igloo.
Which of the statements given above are true?


Choose the correct answer
1. Doubling time for population of world is estimated to be round 61 years.
2. Asia has the highest population density among all the continent.


Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists
List I(Tribe) List II (Habitat)
A. Semang 1. Hot desert
B. Beduin 2. Equatorial Belt
C. Masai 3. Temperate grassland
D. Kirghiz 4. Savanna grassland


Among the following countries, which one is the most densely populated?


In India, the ‘effective literacy rates’ are calculated from?


The Palk Strait lies between


Which four countries are called the Asian Tigers?


Which one of the following is the country’s administrative capital/new federal administrative centre of Malaysia?


Consider the following countries
1. Australia
2, Namibia
. Brazil
4. Chile Through
which of the above does the Tropic of Capricorn Pass?


Elephant Pass, which is frequently in the news, is mentioned in the context of the affairs of which one of the following?


A very big refugee camp called Dadaab, recently in the news, is located in


South-East Asia has captivated the attention of global community over space and time as a geostrategic ally significant region. Which among the following is the most convincing explanation for this global perspective?


Eucla Basin in Australia is well-known as?


Where is Bundala Biosphere Reserve which has been recently added to the UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere (MAB) network located?


Which one of the following countries is the first country in the world to propose a carbon tax for its people to address global warming?


Which one of the ocean touches the shores of Asia on one side and that of America on the other?


The island of Corsica is associated With?


Which of the following statements is incorrect?


Through which one of the following continents, do the equator, the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn pass through?


The standard time of the following countries is ahead or behind Greenwich Mean Time depending on whether they are East or West of the longitude passing through Greenwich.
1. Cuba
2. Greece
3. Iraq
4. Costa Rica
Which one of the following sequential orders gives the correct arrangement of the countries according to their standard time from ahead to behind GMT?


Which of the following countries are landlocked countries?
1. Afghanistan
2. Hungary
3. Malaysia
4. Switzerland
Select the correct answer from the codes given below


Consider the following pairs
Famous Place Country
1. Cannes : France
2. Davos : Denmark
3. Roland Garros : Netherlands
Which of the pairs given above is/are correctly matched?


Consider the following countries
1. Switzerland
2. Malta
3. Bulgaria
Which of the above are members of European Union?