World Geography MCQ-161

World Geography objective Quiz for SSC, PSU, RRB, CDS, NDA, TSPSC, MPPSC, UPSC Exams

——-, is the former ,late Paleozoic super continet


______ is the supposedly responsible for more than half of the anthropogenic warming of the atmosphere.


_____ is the gently sloping submerged surface extending from the shoreline toward the deep ocean.


The, greater is the difference in air pressure.


__________ is associated with the greatest amount of crustal shortening.


In which of the following the greatest pool of carbon on Earth is located?


To which of the following radiation, the greenhouse effect relates to?


Why the height of a tsunami increases as it approaches a coastline?


Which of the following is responsible for the formation of the Himalayan Mountains?


The horizontal motion of air relative to Earth’s surface is


Water_____ includes in the hydrological cycle.


How much was the approximate increase in global temperature during the twentieth century?


______ is associated with the inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ).


___________ characterizes the in-tertropical convergence zone.


What is between 20


Which of the following factor largely increases heat in the energy budget?


——-is the largest known volcano in the solar system.


___________ produces the largest lateral, ground displacement.


These days where is the largest portion of fresh water located?


Which type rock mainly constitutes the Earth’s crust?


The majority of Earth’s crust is composed j of______ rock.


Earth’s deserts are mainly formed as ______ deserts.


Which of the following is the most populous country on Earth?


Which of the following are the most prominent features on the ocean floor?


—-is the subsurface area along the fault plane along which the motion of seismic waves initiates.