World Geography MCQ-163

World Geography MCQ Quiz for PSU, RRB, NDA, MPPSC, TSPSC, CDS, UPSC, SSC Exams

The disintegration of rock and mineral due to the chemical and or physical agents of an organism, is called


The distance between earth and the sun is greatest during


The dominant component of radiation reaching the surface of the earth due to cosmic ray interactions in the atmosphere is


The early theories of continental drift were based upon


The earth absorbs more sunlight at … latitudes than it does at … latitudes.


The earth has nearly…times the mass of moon.


The earth is


The earth…at the poles.


The earth is divided into different temperate zones corresponding to different kinds of climate, by


The earth is divided into time zones for the purpose of


The earth is the.. .nearest planet to the sun.


The earth rotates through


The earth spins on its own imaginary axis from.. .to.. .once in 24 hours.


The earth’s climate zones are formed due to


The earth’s magnetism is due to the presence of


The earth’s natural satellite is


The earth’s revolution is


The earth’s revolution is also called annual motion or yearly motion because


The earth’s revolution is


The earth’s rotation is a/an motion


The earth’s surface receives the solar radiant energy’ at which of the following rates (per centimeter per minute)?


The earthquake focus is


The eastern boundary currents flow from


The eastern coastal strip is known as


The Eastern Ghats mark the eastern end of the plateau; they begin in the hills of