World Geography MCQ-159

World Geography MCQ test for SSC, UPSC, CDS, RRB, TSPSC, PSU, NDA, MPPSC Exams

Assertion (A) There is a constant hazard to Canadian nationhood.
Reason (R) America’s proximity and persistence of French culture are the real threats to Canadian nationhood.


Which of the following countries is the world leader in proven reserves of crude oil in the world?


Assertion (A) The Nile Valley may appropriately be described as a ‘River Oasis’.
Reason (R) Only 2% of Egypt is cultivated and nearly all this land lies along Nile and is watered by it.


The Nile’s main branches – the White Nile and Blue Nile – originate respectively at the outlets of Lake Victoria in Uganda and Lake ……. in Ethiopia and flow eventually into Sudan.


Identify the wrong statement?


Assertion (A) Today, Australian sheep are raised increasingly for meat.
Reason (R) Wool, over the years, has been losing battle with synthetic fibres.


Correct sequence (North to South)?


The main belt of cattle ranching in Australia extends East-West across the Northern part of the country, with the greatest concentration in Queensland. Aborigines are the principal ranch’ hands, known as ”drovers” and


Assertion (A) Australia is the world’s leading beef – exporting nation.
Reason (R) Australia is also one of the world’s leading wheat exporter.


Consider the following statements
1. Only 40% of Australia’s land is arable.
2. About 80% of Australian exports continue to be agricultural products.
3. Coffee, tea, tobacco are imported
4. It is the only country where the white races are heavily committed to the agricultural sector of economy.
Identify the correct statements.


Assertion (A) The main belt of wheat production spreads from the Eastern coastal districts of South Australia into Victoria and New South Wales.
Reason (R) The main belt of wheat has come to occupy nearly the same position as the main belt of sheep production.


Identify the incorrect statement?


Consider the following statements
1. Australia’s density of population is 2 person/sq km.
2. Australia is seventh largest nation.
3. Australia is the continent with the lowest average rainfall.
4. Largest city of Australia is Melbourne.
Identify the incorrect statement(s)


Consider the following statements
1. About 2/3 of Australia is made up of Archean rocks.
2. Process of sea floor spreading separates Australia from Antarctica and India.
3. Tasmania was and is part of the Great Dividing Range.
4. New Zealand was once a part of Australia.
Identify the correct statement(s)


Assertion (A) Gold played a large role in Australia’s history, as it did in America’s.
Reason (R) Gold strikes in Victoria in the 1850s set off one of the world’s major gold rushes.


Identify the incorrect statement?


Assertion (A) In the tropical rain forests and savannas of Africa, there are reddish tropical soils.
Reason (R) Africa’s soils favour subsistence agriculture.


Identify the correct decreasing order in terms of population of world’s first four most populous countries


Give the correct order of cities North to South?


Give the correct sequence, South to North?


Which of the following together constitute the Balearic Island?


Which of the following represented the erstwhile Yogoslavia?


Identify the correct decreasing order, in terms of drainage basin area of rivers in the world?


Give the increasing order of Indonesian islands-in terms of area?


Assertion (A) The International Date Line is not straight.
Reason (R) It is an imaginary line made to go zig-zag in some regions, to avoid land and to leave island groups wholly on the same side of this line.