World Geography MCQ-179

World Geography Questions for NDA/NA,SSC CL,CDSE,UPPSC,IES,B.Ed.,CSAT Exams

Kampala is the capital of


Kangaroo is the national emblem of


KLM airlines belongs to


Kohoutek is the name of a/an


Land masses are heated and cooled much faster than water bodies. Identify the true statements in this regard .
I. Land gets heated by conduction

II. Water has a higher specific heat

III. Only the surface layers of water are heated

IV. Water gets heated by convection


‘Land of the Morning Calm refers to


Largest hotel in the world is


Largest island in the world is


Light takes nearly four to reach us from the nearest star. What is the distance between that star and the earth?


Light year is a unit of


Light year is the


Lines drawn parallel to equator are called


Lines joining places of equal temperature are called


Lines on a map connecting regions of equal geochemical characteristics are called


Littoral forests constitute a rich source of


London is located at O


Los Angeles is a favourite place for film production because


Loti is the currency of




Macmahon line is the border between


Major natural regions of the world are delineated primarily on the basis of


Mark the correct combination


Mars, Mercury and Saturn are.


Maximum genetic diversity is found in


Mediterranean type of climate is characterised by