World Geography MCQ-156

World Geography Practice Test for RRB, SSC, MPPSC, UPSC, CDS, PSU, TSPSC, NDA Exams

Equatorial areas are less colder than the polar areas because:


During the formation of the solar system, _____ became the second sun as it came closest to the process of nuclear fusion.


The temperature decreases within the troposphere while ascending by _____.








Rocks at greater depths are:


At high elevations during the night the temperature decreases _____ than at lower elevations because ____.


The wind speed is measured by the Beaufort wind scale____.


Which of the following defines a beach?


The crust in the Himalayan region has been ____ because of the process responsible for the formation of the Himalayan Mountains


Identify the material which on burning adds to the carbon dioxide content in the Earth’s atmosphere,


The Sun’s altitude above the horizon during the course of the year and changes in length of the day:


Which of the following defines climate?


Which of the following constitutes the fossil fuel from which coal is made of?


In comparison to Earth’s atmosphere, Mars has surface pressures that are _____.


Continental crust compared to oceanic crust is:


The appropriate range in average densities of the terrestrial planets compared to the density of liquid water (1 gram/cc), is


Concrete buried underground will weather slowly than the one buried above ground because


Which of the following is not correctly matched based on the relationship in a given food chain where a grasshopper eats grass, the grasshopper is eaten by a frog, and the frog is eaten by a snake?


Convection in the mantle causes


Which of the following explains cooling in the near surface temperatures and in the upper atmosphere?


Which of the following is responsible in recent years for the diminishing of the corals reefs?


Decrease in the sulphur emissions from coal has:


The major constituents of the inner core are probably dense forms of ______