World Geography MCQ-170

World Geography MCQ test for MPPSC,CDS,NDA,UPSC,RRB,TSPSC,SSC,PSU Exams

The place where material is excavated when the zone of maximum stream velocity approaches the stream’s bed is called


The planet that takes the highest time for completing a rotation, is


The planets called the inner planets, are


The planets that are called superior planets are


The planets with no natural satellites (reported so far) are


The planet with the maximum number of j natural satellites (moons), so far discovered, is


The plants grown in equatorial regions include


The plants of which of the following crops are highly sensitive to frost?


The platform and the basement rock together form


The Plio-Pleistocene boundary lies about… years ago, at the beginning of the interval of warming after the last Pleistocene glaciation.


The points in the ecliptic farthest north and south of the celestial equator are called j


The polar diameter is…to the equatorial diameter.


The polar diameter of earth is shorter man the equatorial diameter by


The Polar Easterlies lie at


The polar regions of the earth cannot support forest growth because


The polar zones extend between


The Polynesian tribe that inhabits New Zealand is


The precipitation that has been polluted by acids such as sulphuric acid and nitric acid is called


The precipitation that occurs when moist air above the heated land gets warmer than the surrounding air is


The prefix minus (-) before the zones to the east of International Date Line indicates


The prevailing wind directions are dependent upon


The prevailing wind is


The primary sedimentary features in streams whose channel is composed mainly of sand and silt are


The primary winds are also called:


The principal reason for the formation of metamorphic rocks is