World Geography MCQ-154

World Geography Practice Questions for PSU, NDA, SSC, UPSC, TSPSC, RRB, MPPSC, CDS Exams

Sabena airlines belongs to


Sand stone is metamorphosed into:


Savanna grasslands with tall trees are .j mainly found in


Seasonal contrasts are maximum in


Sedimentary rocks are


Seychelles is located in the


Shura is the name of as interim government j formed in Dec 2010 of


Sick Man of Europe is the nick name of


Spring tide Occur at


Spring tides occur at new moon day and full moon day because on these days the


Spring tides occur on


Summer Solstice occurs on


Sun rises in the east and sets in the west due to the


Suva is the capital of


Tass is the news agency of


Temperate grasslands of Asia and Europe are called


The absence of which among the following causes the temperature of the atmosphere to decrease with ascent along with decreasing density of air?

I. Vegetation

II. Water
III. Carbon dioxide
IV. Oxygen

V. Nitrogen


The apparent motion of celestial objects like the stars, planets and satellites (as seen from the Earth) from east to west is


The approximate circumference of the earth is


The area associated with greatest sequency of earthquakes is


The Aswan dam is constructed at the point where


The biggest planet is


The biggest star in our galaxy is


The capital of Austria is


The capital of Costa Rica is