Synonyms MCQ-51

Diffident person shirks from taking the responsibility

(A) confused
(B) defiant
(C) unconfident
(D) self-confident

He is an extravagant person.

(A) expensive
(B) spendthrift
(C) immoderate
(D) thrifty

People somehow got rid of iniquitous despot.

(A) unjust
(B) cruel
(C) hostile
(D) righteous

A perspicacious person does not easily get befooled.

(A) astute
(B) transparent
(C) imperceptive
(D) dim

This town has warm climate throughout the year.

(A) hot
(B) moderately hot
(C) cold
(D) cool

Advance age has aggravated his ailments.

(A) annoyed
(B) irritated
(C) worsened
(D) aggrieved

The orator articulated his ideas.

(A) jointed
(B) enunciated
(C) expressed clearly
(D) spoke

A serious illness bereaved them of their mother.

(A) deprived
(B) survived
(C) killed
(D) snatched

A government tends to become callous after staying in power for a long time.

(A) hard
(B) insensitive
(C) apathetic
(D) exposed

Over-indulgence in anything soon cloys you.

(A) gluts
(B) satiates
(C) causes aversion
(D) disgusts

An argument culminated in fisticuff.

(A) concluded
(B) developed
(C) climaxed
(D) grew

Narrow arteries are dilated to all blood flow.

(A) expanded
(B) expatiated
(C) spread
(D) constricted

This the story of fabulous exploits of an adventure.

(A) marvelous
(B) fictitious
(C) factual
(D) historical

Inordinate delay in the trains arrivals irked the passengers.

(A) disorderly
(B) excessive
(C) unreasonable
(D) moderate

The import of what he said in his speech was perspicuous.

(A) indistinct
(B) lucid
(C) opaque
(D) bright

The wet log got warped on getting dried up.

(A) bent
(B) straightened
(C) twisted
(D) flat

The gory sight of the accident left us aghast.

(A) amazed
(B) frightened
(C) horrified
(D) shocked

The author ascribed innocence to the wife of her cruel husband in the novel.

(A) described
(B) imputed
(C) indicated
(D) attributed

They beseeched him to come home at once.

(A) castigated
(B) solicited
(C) begged
(D) appealed