Synonyms MCQ-50

He improvised his act directly on the stage.

(A) extemporize
(B) rehearsed
(C) provided
(D) prepared

The shrine witnesses perpetual stream of pilgrims.

(A) unending
(B) discontinuous
(C) permanent
(D) temporary

He was forgiven for venial offence.

(A) vicious
(B) pardonable
(C) felonious
(D) serious

His insinuation was an affront to me.

(A) attack
(B) criticism
(C) directed
(D) offence

He cunningly arrogated the credit of someone who did the job.

(A) appropriated
(B) claimed
(C) assumed
(D) snatched

The rich man was solicited benefaction for earthquake victims.

(A) benefit
(B) charity
(C) goodness
(D) kindness

She cached her valuables in a safe place.

(A) kept
(B) enclosed
(C) catched
(D) hided

The cars clogged the road due to heavy traffic.

(A) hindered
(B) impeded
(C) stuck
(D) choked

Problems crop up every now and then in his life.

(A) appear
(B) manifest
(C) surface
(D) grow

This creeper is dextrorse.

(A) right-handed
(B) climbing from right to left
(C) climbing straight up
(D) sinistrorse right

His remark was extraneous to the topic at hand.

(A) extrinsic
(B) extra
(C) impertinent
(D) rare

Rain water ingressed into the houses in the low-lying areas.

(A) immersed
(B) entered
(C) egressed
(D) progressed

Persistent incidents of violence in the city make people afraid of moving out freely.

(A) insistent
(B) steady
(C) sporadic
(D) tenacious

His wanton disregard of others’ sentiments is not appreciable.

(A) willful
(B) reckless
(C) lewd
(D) unintentional

Epidemic struck the people in the aftermath of flood.

(A) resultant event
(B) consequence
(C) disaster
(D) calamity

He filed the documents arsy-varsy.

(A) topsy-turvy
(B) preposterous
(C) haphazardly
(D) reverse

A small bequest of a testator made him live comfortably.

(A) donation
(B) charity
(C) disposition by will of property
(D) will

She is in a habit of cadging groceries from the neighbours.

(A) stealing
(B) catching
(C) begging
(D) borrowing

The recluse leads a cloistered life.

(A) enclosed
(B) confined
(C) quiet
(D) secluded

Fearful of a loud thunderbolt, a boy crouched under the table.

(A) crawled
(B) hide
(C) kneeled
(D) covered