Synonyms MCQ-40

Factory chimney spewed deleterious fumes.

(A) harmless
(B) pernicious
(C) stinking
(D) unpleasant

He is encumbered with numerous obligations.

(A) enmeshed
(B) burdened
(C) hampered
(D) disburden

He is ignorant of what is happening around him.

(A) oblivious
(B) unknown
(C) aware
(D) illiterate

He nibbled at the apple he was eating.

(A) bite
(B) gorged
(C) gulped
(D) scratched

He failed to redeem his pawned watch due to want of money.

(A) reclaim
(B) ransom
(C) forfeit
(D) abandon

He takes adversities in life in his usual strides.

(A) enemies
(B) antagonists
(C) hardships
(D) annoyance

A quiet person was an anomaly in his exuberant family.

(A) odd
(B) incongruous
(C) inconsistency
(D) deviation

The police barricaded the meeting ground.

(A) blocked
(B) obstructed
(C) surrounded
(D) barred

He braided strands of twigs in a rope.

(A) twisted
(B) branded
(C) weaved
(D) plaited

Orderly meeting suddenly broke into chaos.

(A) disorder
(B) chasm
(C) battle
(D) jumble

The policeman on duty connived at the traffic violations.

(A) winked
(B) ignored
(C) complied
(D) conspired

It was a deliberate action.

(A) careful
(B) intentional
(C) premeditated
(D) impulsive

His arrogant behaviour infuriated me.

(A) incensed
(B) pacified
(C) fired
(D) provoked

He was censured for his ignoble conduct.

(A) honorable
(B) ignominious
(C) inferior
(D) infamous

He gave the restaurant waiter a niggardly tip.

(A) poor
(B) stingy
(C) miser
(D) generous

It is very difficult to handle a refractory child.

(A) hard
(B) obstinate
(C) obedient
(D) rude

The official adverted to the complainant and heard his grievances.

(A) turned his attention
(B) turned his face
(C) turned his chair
(D) turned his eyes

Little is known about his antecedents.

(A) precedence
(B) anti activities
(C) events
(D) character

Venal officials barter their pride for material gains.

(A) exchange
(B) swap
(C) trade
(D) bargain

The desparado brandished his gun to scare the people away.

(A) aimed
(B) flourished
(C) fired
(D) shook