Synonyms MCQ-35

The teacher condescended to the student’s intellectual level, in order to enable them to comprehend the subject.

(A) stoop
(B) compromised
(C) lowered his level
(D) assented

He is a scholar of deep knowledge.

(A) profound
(B) abysmal
(C) shallow
(D) drowning

He is sitting with dreary face.

(A) fearful
(B) gloomy
(C) dreaded
(D) cheerful

Human beings are generally gregarious people.

(A) reclusive
(B) seclusive
(C) social
(D) unsocial

A moderate change in the existing law is required.

(A) mild
(B) excessive
(C) radical
(D) harsh

Tyrants are ruthless.

(A) compassionate
(B) cruel
(C) adamant
(D) ferocious

The position of the political leaders is now a days a sine cure

(A) without work
(B) cosy
(C) earning income without any care to do something in return
(D) careless

Using modern sports car in a historical film is anachronism.

(A) wrong time reference
(B) time matching
(C) obsolete
(D) disorder

The cart-pulling horse suddenly baulked at moving ahead.

(A) jibbed
(B) stopped
(C) refused
(D) hesitated

The child has bloomed into a handsome youth.

(A) blossomed
(B) flowered
(C) developed
(D) grown

A missile was catapultated in space.

(A) hurled
(B) captured
(C) launched
(D) shot

He confected a home remedy from herbs.

(A) contrived
(B) concocted
(C) sold
(D) sweetened

The defective machine hampered the progress of the work.

(A) imperfect
(B) faulty
(C) flawless
(D) abnormal

He is a droll person.

(A) comically humorous
(B) serious
(C) boring
(D) whimsical

He grieves over the loss in business.

(A) laments
(B) weeps
(C) rejoices
(D) keens

He leads a modest life.

(A) modern
(B) moderate
(C) pretentious
(D) unassuming

Holy shrines are sacred to the devotees.

(A) pious
(B) blasphemous
(C) pure
(D) venerable

The rich man died sine prole.

(A) without medicine
(B) without money
(C) without offspring
(D) without anyone to care about him

Calm pose tablet is used as an analgesic.

(A) pain reliever
(B) febrifuge
(C) antipyretic
(D) tranquilizer

They bamboozed us into joining their team.

(A) pushed
(B) shoved
(C) hoodwinked
(D) bambooed