Synonyms MCQ-22

He bade adieu to his friend going abroad.

(A) goodbye
(B) bon voyage
(C) farewell
(D) good wishes

Cants of hawkers are difficult to comprehend.

(A) lingo
(B) speech
(C) call
(D) shouting

The court took cognizance suo motu of police atrocity on innocent people.

(A) recognition
(B) consideration
(C) complaint
(D) notice

He was censured for his culpable act.

(A) criminal
(B) heinous
(C) blameworthy
(D) praiseworthy

Stashed pot of valuables was disinterred from the courtyard’s underground.

(A) hurried
(B) exhumed
(C) dug out
(D) extracted

Speeches shall be followed by dinner.

(A) accompanied
(B) succeeded
(C) preceded
(D) ensued

She lavished praise on him.

(A) lashed
(B) heaped
(C) grudged
(D) reserved

He gave a plausible explanation of his failure to accomplish the assigned task.

(A) applaud able
(B) truthful
(C) specious
(D) untrue

Rampant corruption has gripped the nation.

(A) unchecked
(B) furious
(C) raging
(D) running

He often alludes to his yeoman’s services.

(A) insinuates
(B) refers
(C) reminds
(D) hints

One should atone for committing sinful deeds.

(A) expiate
(B) pardon
(C) amend
(D) reconcile

He does not earn even to meet his bare needs.

(A) naked
(B) open
(C) minimal
(D) bald

Cantankerous maid was a bane to housewife.

(A) cruel
(B) peevish
(C) shouting
(D) idiotic

There is no coherence in his argument.

(A) sticking together
(B) cohession
(C) consistency
(D) glue

He is trying to cultivate friendship with me.

(A) till
(B) grow
(C) neglect
(D) improve

He is disinterested in their dispute.

(A) impartial
(B) un-interested
(C) having selfish motive
(D) indifferent

He is feeling forlorn of own people in this distant city.

(A) sad
(B) in company of
(C) desolate
(D) hopeless

Lax laws engenders a sense of impunity in the offenders.

(A) rigid
(B) strict
(C) lenient
(D) loose

People of plebeian taste can’t appreciate abstract art works.

(A) sophisticated
(B) vulgar
(C) popular
(D) trite

He squandered money in wantonmanner.

(A) willful
(B) unjust
(C) malicious
(D) heedless