Synonyms MCQ-42

The spectators bated their breaths at the nip-and-tuck race.

(A) held
(B) restrained
(C) lessened
(D) drew

His brazen arrogance shocked everyone around.

(A) impudent
(B) bold
(C) shy
(D) brassy

She is excessively chary of her friends.

(A) suspicious
(B) trustful
(C) confident
(D) wary

He was conspicuous by his booming laughter.

(A) seen
(B) evident
(C) visible
(D) noticeable

Oh! God, deliver me from these boring people.

(A) throw
(B) liberate
(C) enthrall
(D) save

Epicurean leaders of present time are in sharp contrast of Gandhi-an leaders.

(A) indulgent in luxury
(B) sensuous
(C) ascetic
(D) licentious

His impassionate appeal moved people.

(A) emotional
(B) impassive
(C) tranquil
(D) inflamed

Obnoxious smell forced us to cover our nose.

(A) annoying
(B) odious
(C) offensive
(D) delightful

He repudiated the charges made against him.

(A) disowned
(B) enforced
(C) accepted
(D) contradicted

Mount Everest came into existence a cons ago.

(A) pre-historic period
(B) medieval period
(C) indefinitely long period
(D) a few centuries ago

Hot is antithesis of cold.

(A) contrast
(B) against
(C) opposed
(D) direct opposite

A pioneer does not tread on a beaten path.

(A) thrashed
(B) trodden
(C) used
(D) defeated

The tree’s branches swayed in the breeze.

(A) whiff
(B) slow wind
(C) storm
(D) gale

His effort to escape was checkmated.

(A) defeated
(B) prevented
(C) completely checked on all sides
(D) manoeuvred

The dais was abuzz with constellation of great orators.

(A) brilliance
(B) stars
(C) group
(D) assemblage

He demurred to accept the post offered to him.

(A) wavered
(B) hesitated
(C) refused
(D) agreed

We esteem him for his honesty.

(A) commend
(B) respect
(C) disdain
(D) support

An impecunious person was unable to procure basic needs.

(A) penniless
(B) poor
(C) wealthy
(D) indigent

New models of cars become obsolete in a few years.

(A) old
(B) outdated
(C) in vogue
(D) antique

Dispersal of clouds revealed the sun in the sky.

(A) shrouded
(B) divulged
(C) unveiled
(D) concealed