Synonyms MCQ-20

There is stark discrepancy in what you preach and what you practice.

(A) gap
(B) contrariness
(C) consistency
(D) discreet née

The servant’s fidelity towards his master is perfect.

(A) fealty
(B) belief
(C) disloyalty
(D) confidence

He is in jolly mood.

(A) sportive
(B) jovial
(C) melancholy
(D) playful

The devotee leads a life full of piety.

(A) pain
(B) devotion
(C) veneration
(D) irreverence

His iniquitous behaviour hurts me.

(A) unjust
(B) unequal
(C) uneven
(D) unusual

He alighted from the aero plane with his hand-bag.

(A) descended
(B) disembarked
(C) dismounted
(D) boarded

He passed the evening assorting collected bills and vouchers.

(A) arranged
(B) sorted
(C) distributed
(D) classified

The boy and the girl were betrothed recently.

(A) engaged
(B) married
(C) tied in knots
(D) united

The wrecked car was cannibalized of its working parts to fit into another car which needed these parts.

(A) eaten
(B) deprived
(C) strengthened
(D) rehabilitated

These two mountains are coeval in existence.

(A) ancient
(B) of same age
(C) contemporaneous
(D) very old

He is crazy about the cricket game.

(A) mad
(B) cool
(C) sane
(D) shaky

He brought disgrace on his family with his misdeeds.

(A) insult
(B) ignominy
(C) respect
(D) honour

He extended a flimsy excuse for his failure.

(A) thin
(B) shoddy
(C) loose
(D) convincing

She ravelled the knot like a Gordian knot.

(A) tangled
(B) unraveled
(C) revolved
(D) complicated

His piteous cry for help moved us.

(A) reverent
(B) pathetic
(C) delightful
(D) pious

He segregated bills and vouchers collected over a period.

(A) assembled
(B) filed.
(C) sorted
(D) separated

Gossiping is the ailment of idle persons.

(A) nutrient
(B) food
(C) pastime
(D) entertainment

He assumed the style of an aggressive go-getter.

(A) pretended
(B) supposed
(C) adopted
(D) expected

His tearful plea was designed to bias the judge.

(A) prejudice
(B) incline
(C) favour
(D) bend

He is a canny businessman.

(A) astute
(B) skilled
(C) thrifty
(D) cautious