Synonyms MCQ-26

He followed customary practice of visiting the neighbours occasionally.

(A) habitual
(B) conventional
(C) uncommon
(D) regular

He disregarded my advice.

(A) ignored
(B) heeded
(C) disrespected
(D) mistreated

He is very frugal in spending money.

(A) miser
(B) prudent
(C) penurious
(D) lavish

One can see the bottom of the limpid pool.

(A) pellucid
(B) lucid
(C) calm
(D) opaque

People’s outrage over rising hardships due to high inflation portends doom for the government.

(A) augurs
(B) forebodes
(C) threatens
(D) foretells

His son’s unbecoming conduct has abashed him.

(A) insulted
(B) degraded
(C) ashamed
(D) humbled

Nomads are ambulatory tribes.

(A) walking
(B) prehensile
(C) moving
(D) roving

The principals austere face was enough to quail them.

(A) fiery
(B) grave
(C) stern
(D) strict

The loudspeaker blared cheap songs all night.

(A) emit
(B) sounded loudly
(C) shrieked
(D) roared

The moving car suddenly careened besides the road.

(A) turned
(B) tilted
(C) overturned
(D) broke down

Payment was not commensurate with the quantum of work I do.

(A) equal in measure
(B) measurable
(C) equal
(D) adequate

He is cynical about his colleagues’ motives.

(A) insane
(B) contemptuous
(C) distrustful
(D) trusting

She dissembled crookedness with ingenuous pretention.

(A) betrayed
(B) concealed
(C) dispersed
(D) dismantled

He made a futile attempt to appease his foe.

(A) vain
(B) fruitless
(C) effectual
(D) frivolous

Lineage of a race horse determines its worth.

(A) age
(B) pedigree
(C) posterity
(D) performance

judgment of this age should be left to posterity.

(A) descendants
(B) ancestry
(C) priority
(D) future

His fever has started to abate after one week.

(A) worsen
(B) improve
(C) decrease
(D) vanish

Robbers lurked behind a bush in ambush.

(A) waiting to attack
(B) concealed
(C) hiding
(D) waiting

The harsh punishment avenged the crime.

(A) reattributed
(B) revenged
(C) requited
(D) reciprocated

He remained blase throughout the programme.

(A) bored
(B) annoyed
(C) cloyed
(D) surfied