Synonyms MCQ-33

The lawyer marshaled facts before arguing the case in the court.

(A) ordered for
(B) arranged in order
(C) combined
(D) scattered

He is highly regarded because of his impeccable probity.

(A) venality
(B) rectitude
(C) obedience
(D) sincerity

Mud stuck to his shoes.

(A) adhered
(B) clung
(C) attached
(D) affixed

He is bubbling with amour patriae.

(A) love
(B) loyalty
(C) patriotism
(D) fatherhood

The background of one’s upbringing shapes one’s character.

(A) situation
(B) milieu
(C) environment
(D) experience

Sky and sea seemed to blend in the horizon.

(A) mix
(B) combine
(C) mingle
(D) combine

Petrol price-rise has cascadingeffect on the market.

(A) waterfall
(B) successive
(C) head long
(D) falling

Their concerted efforts won them success.

(A) continuous
(B) done in collaboration
(C) combined
(D) laborious

He affirmed his intention to resign his job.

(A) offended
(B) averred
(C) denied
(D) asserted

Compassion is divine virtue in a person.

(A) supreme
(B) sacred
(C) mundane
(D) religious

His carrer prospect seems to be gloomy.

(A) shady
(B) dark
(C) bright
(D) hopeless

He is a mendacious person.

(A) false
(B) veracious
(C) lying
(D) untrue

A prodigal person is likely to be impoverished in due course of time.

(A) improvident
(B) frugal
(C) proud
(D) extraordinary

Long time adherent to the party changed his loyalty in the latter stage of his life.

(A) believer
(B) supporter
(C) stickler
(D) attachment

He refused to compromise with his amour proper.

(A) first love
(B) self-esteem
(C) love affair
(D) love

The seats in the coach were back-to-back.

(A) front-to-front
(B) dos-a-dos
(C) round robin
(D) face-to-face

Pests blighted the crops in the field.

(A) wilted
(B) crippled
(C) withered
(D) blasted

Cassandras of doom of the world are destined to be belied.

(A) prophetesses
(B) fortune-tellers
(C) prediction-mongers
(D) announcers

You can conciliate the respect of your associates with sincerity of intent.

(A) win over
(B) appease
(C) restore
(D) antagonise

A decrepit old man could hardly walk.

(A) weak
(B) infirm
(C) emaciated
(D) vigorous