Synonyms MCQ-46

He contorted his lips in disgust.

(A) bent
(B) stretched
(C) mangled
(D) twisted

Polar regions are desolate places.

(A) sad
(B) uninhabited
(C) populous
(D) barren

The boy is endowed with exceptional intellect.

(A) special
(B) peculiar
(C) average
(D) outstanding

His habit of lying is acquired since childhood.

(A) inherent
(B) natural
(C) cultivated
(D) congenital

Grief is patent on her face.

(A) unconcealed
(B) latent
(C) dim
(D) obscure

It is not wise to squander the precious resources.

(A) spend
(B) preserve
(C) dissipate
(D) splurge

He lacked the ability to adapt to the changed situations.

(A) adjust
(B) adopt
(C) reconcile
(D) conform

He gave his critics an apposite reply.

(A) opposite
(B) apt
(C) irrelevant
(D) adapted

Tourists amusingly beholdmarching sentries on the Wagah border.

(A) catch
(B) look
(C) regard
(D) witness

Stormy sea waves buffeted ships around aimlessly.

(A) feasted
(B) ate
(C) pushed
(D) blew

Clandestine meeting of rebels took place in jungle.

(A) underhand
(B) secret
(C) hidden
(D) illicit

He is the mostcontrary child I have ever seen.

(A) adverse
(B) willful
(C) contradictory
(D) discordant

Rescuers made a final desperateattempt to save the child.

(A) reckless
(B) hopeless
(C) hopeful
(D) intolerable

He is reputed to be easily excitable.

(A) stimulated
(B) placid
(C) infuriated
(D) provoked

Dissatisfaction incites anger.

(A) stimulates
(B) instigates
(C) subsides
(D) encourages

The old man was sitting in pensive mood.

(A) sorry
(B) grieving
(C) thinking
(D) thoughtless

He is steadfast in his faith.

(A) staunch
(B) firm
(C) wavering
(D) constant

The parliament was addressed by a visiting foreign dignitary.

(A) visited
(B) attended
(C) lectured
(D) advised

The police did not apprehend violent mood of the mob.

(A) catch
(B) grasp
(C) anticipate
(D) perceive

A maverick is beholden to no one.

(A) obligated
(B) attached
(C) responsible
(D) look at