Synonyms MCQ-47

He used to bully his classmates.

(A) intimidate
(B) beat
(C) pushed around
(D) butted

The doors clattered in the wind.

(A) rattled
(B) clashed
(C) closed
(D) collapsed

The threat of dire consequences was couched in his police speech.

(A) cushioned
(B) folded
(C) rapped
(D) convoluted

He has become despondent about his failing health.

(A) dependent
(B) despairing
(C) happy
(D) encouraged

The old woman began to execrate all those who were teasing.

(A) denounce
(B) imprecate
(C) damn
(D) bless

The crowd was instigated by inflammatory speech to resort to violence.

(A) provoked
(B) exhorted
(C) deterred
(D) urged

It is a perennial fruit bearing plant.

(A) throughout the year
(B) seasonal
(C) perpetual
(D) eternal

He unleashed a vicious campaign to tarnish my reputation.

(A) blacken
(B) blemish
(C) brighten
(D) exalt

He is an affable and courteous gentleman.

(A) friendly
(B) benign
(C) pleasant
(D) favorable

A huge fund was appropriated in the budget for primary education.

(A) made suitable
(B) provided
(C) justified
(D) set aside

It does not behoove you to be rude to others.

(A) honour
(B) suit
(C) appropriate
(D) honourable

His friend always stood by him as a bulwark.

(A) bull
(B) defence
(C) rampart
(D) protecting wall

This costume designer has the patronage of wealthy clientele.

(A) witnesses
(B) customers
(C) franchisees
(D) followers

Indiscipline should not be countenanced.

(A) approved
(B) encouraged
(C) abetted
(D) patronized

He is now destitute of resources due to reckless squandering.

(A) deprived
(B) needy
(C) impoverished
(D) affluent

Cool breeze exhilarated the morning walkers.

(A) inspired
(B) exhorted
(C) cheered up
(D) depressed

The police inculpated him with unlawful activity.

(A) exonerated
(B) incriminated
(C) ensnared
(D) indicted

His perfidious friend ditched him.

(A) “faithful
(B) disloyal
(C) perfect
(D) false

His position in the team is tenuous.

(A) slender
(B) strong
(C) attenuated
(D) tender

He affected ignorance.

(A) feigned
(B) adopted
(C) preferred
(D) assumed