Synonyms MCQ-39

He was punished for his heinous offence.

(A) sinful
(B) feral
(C) irreprehensible
(D) admirable

She is so naive as to believe in anyone.

(A) novice
(B) simpleton
(C) crafty
(D) non-sense

He has queer notion about life in U.S.A.

(A) different
(B) odd
(C) usual
(D) questionable

The advent of Mahatma Gandhi on the horizon of freedom struggle gave a shot in the arm of the struggle.

(A) adventure
(B) arrival
(C) rise
(D) return

The ruling party was annihilated in the election.

(A) defeated
(B) destroyed
(C) decimated
(D) vanquished

The vote-seekers barnstorm countryside soliciting votes.

(A) raid
(B) campaign
(C) tour
(D) visit

He gave the boy a box on his ear.

(A) spar
(B) slap
(C) strike
(D) blow

He could not find anything to cavil about the arrangements.

(A) object
(B) find faults
(C) oppose
(D) appreciate

Devotees congregate on the banks of the holy rivers on the religious occasions.

(A) flock
(B) assemble
(C) throng
(D) crowd

The guests were treated with delectable dinner.

(A) delightful
(B) tasteful
(C) charming
(D) disagreeable

He soon rose to eminence in his field of expertise.

(A) exclusiveness
(B) prominence
(C) reputation
(D) obscurit

He is humble despite high rank.

(A) arrogant
(B) polite
(C) meek
(D) submissive

His wife keep on nagging at him all day.

(A) pricking
(B) hectoring
(C) comforting
(D) complaining

Radical change in polity is needed to check rampant corruption.

(A) root
(B) basic
(C) superficial
(D) drastic

He is my bitter adversary.

(A) enemy
(B) antagonist
(C) critic
(D) adviser

The deity was anointed by the priest.

(A) smeared
(B) desecrated
(C) rubbed with oil
(D) annoyed

The reporters overwhelmed the minister with barrage of questions.

(A) volley
(B) barrier
(C) flood
(D) obstruction

Conceited people use to brag.

(A) bark
(B) boast
(C) shout
(D) yell

Newspapers were unanimous in censure of the government policy

(A) censor
(B) reproach
(C) consensus
(D) support

Spectators of the match could merely conjecture the outcome.

(A) speculate
(B) surmise
(C) project
(D) conclude