Synonyms MCQ-25

Fresh vegetables are available in abundance.

(A) new
(B) raw
(C) unfaded
(D) stale

Gymnast’s daily practice keeps his muscles limber.

(A) stiff
(B) lithe
(C) bending
(D) loose

Polemical views of bigots are a threat to social harmony.

(A) uncompromising
(B) controversial
(C) irenic
(D) argumentative

He abased his dignity with his questionable deeds.

(A) degraded
(B) lowered
(C) reduced
(D) depreciated

He is an amateur of cricket.

(A) aficionado
(B) novice
(C) dabbler
(D) expert

His stoic aura crumbled at the slightest provocation.

(A) halo
(B) atmosphere
(C) character
(D) greatness

He suddenly blacked out due to acute weakness.

(A) became black
(B) became unconscious
(C) fell down
(D) became dark faced

The carcass of once-thriving industrial town is lying desolate now due to the closure of industry.

(A) dead remains
(B) dead body
(C) cadaver
(D) skeleton

Commit a colossal fraud on public.

(A) humongous
(B) unusual
(C) big
(D) nasty

He gave a very curt reply to my query.

(A) rude
(B) brief
(C) abrupt
(D) polished

His disposition towards meticulousness in work is appreciable.

(A) inclination
(B) proclivity
(C) unwillingness
(D) mental

She is worried about her froward daughter.

(A) contrary
(B) arrogant
(C) tractable
(D) frowing

His body was limp with exhaustion.

(A) loose
(B) drooping
(C) tired
(D) erect

To joust with a potent person is not a politic act.

(A) shrewd
(B) expedient
(C) tactless
(D) clever

Adulteration debased the quality or purity of precious gold.

(A) devalued
(B) depreciated
(C) lowered
(D) enhanced

The ambiguities of modern poetry render it difficult to comprehend.

(A) equivocations
(B) complexities
(C) uncertainties
(D) explicitness

A marriage is solemnized on an auspicious day.

(A) opportune
(B) favourable
(C) propitious
(D) holy

Long illness has blanched her face.

(A) dried
(B) whitened
(C) bleached
(D) tanned

Probity in one’s personal life is of cardinal value.

(A) important
(B) fundamental
(C) prime
(D) cordial

The soldier was commended for bravery.

(A) recommend
(B) mentioned
(C) mention with praise
(D) commented