Synonyms MCQ-41

Boiling milk charred her fingers.

(A) singed
(B) grilled
(C) boiled
(D) ruined

He consigned unpleasant thoughts to oblivion.

(A) set apart
(B) delivered
(C) devoted
(D) banished

He has a delicate sense of smell.

(A) crude
(B) exquisite
(C) fragile
(D) delightful

Social system has still enslaved womenfolk.

(A) bonded
(B) imprisoned
(C) emancipated
(D) suppressed

Breaking out of war with hostile country is imminent.

(A) impending
(B) possible
(C) remote
(D) impossible

The accused was pronounced guilty, defence lawyer’s brilliant arguments notwithstanding.

(A) failure
(B) despite
(C) due to
(D) without

The party refused the return of the renegades into party fold.

(A) apostates
(B) adherents
(C) sticklers
(D) traitors

The investors were advised of the risk involved in the share market.

(A) cautioned
(B) informed
(C) suggested
(D) consulted

He meets his guests in his house’s anterior hall.

(A) backside
(B) internal
(C) front
(D) posterior

Nobody bats an eye on outrageous behaviour of the present-day politicians.

(A) opens
(B) flutter
(C) closes
(D) casts

A midnight brawl disturbed the sleeping neighbours.

(A) noise
(B) shouting
(C) squabble
(D) fighting

A charlatan pretends to be knowledgeable.

(A) pedant
(B) quack
(C) impostor
(D) fraud

He came to the party with his consort.

(A) spouse
(B) escort
(C) group
(D) associate

She takes great delight in teasing me.

(A) charm
(B) joy
(C) satisfaction
(D) distress

Toys of childhood are ephemeral.

(A) temporary
(B) permanent
(C) shortlived
(D) long lasting

Inoculation renders a child immune from diseases.

(A) impune
(B) exempt
(C) resistant to
(D) susceptible

He is a novice in politics.

(A) tyro
(B) experienced
(C) fool
(D) new

Repentance cleanses the sinner’s soul.

(A) remorse
(B) sorrow
(C) impenitence
(D) regret

The programme was organized under the aegis of a voluntary organisation (NGO).

(A) age-old experience
(B) shield
(C) arrangement
(D) routine activity

Antiquated machines are lying idle in the factory.

(A) old
(B) obsolete
(C) antique
(D) archaic