Synonyms MCQ-27

The train carriered towards the destination.

(A) hurtled
(B) ran
(C) speeded
(D) departed

We commiserated with him over the demise of his wife.

(A) felt sorry
(B) condoled
(C) repented
(D) empathised

He deliberately dallies with his duties.

(A) procrastinates
(B) fondles
(C) hastens
(D) loiters

Dissuated him from leaving the job.

(A) persuaded
(B) deterred
(C) discouraged
(D) dissipated

Gallant soldier captured the enemy post singlehanded.

(A) galloping
(B) chivalrous
(C) valorous
(D) cowardly

In the absence of meaningful engagements, time lingers.

(A) fleets
(B) lengthens
(C) tarries
(D) stays

Several potent arguments were put forward to prove the point.

(A) weak
(B) powerful
(C) cogent
(D) useful

A kid was abducted for ransom from the kid’s family.

(A) kidnapped
(B) seduced
(C) taken away
(D) allured

Masters like to hire amenable servants.

(A) manageable
(B) docile
(C) tractable
(D) stubborn

He is not averse to extending amnesty to the rebels.

(A) repugnant
(B) disgusted
(C) loath
(D) opposed

He was blasphemed by the critics for airing his frank opinion.

(A) blasted
(B) slandered
(C) applauded
(D) abused

The lover caressed beloved hairs.

(A) preened
(B) tidied
(C) petted
(D) combed

A complaisant person will never antagonise anyone.

(A) satisfied
(B) complaining
(C) inclined to please
(D) obliging

There is a dearth of doctors in the hospitals.

(A) famine
(B) abundance
(C) plethora
(D) scarcity

His stomach distended with flatulence.

(A) extended
(B) protruded
(C) bloated
(D) shrunk

Clouds are gathering in the sky indicating rainfall.

(A) accumulating
(B) collecting
(C) dispersing
(D) fritteri

An incompetent person becomes malevolent towards successful people.

(A) injurious
(B) malicious
(C) benevolent
(D) selfish

His plan was unacceptable because it was not practicable.

(A) practical
(B) feasible
(C) unattainable
(D) worth

The President of a country abdicated to take refuge in another country.

(A) abducted
(B) fied
(C) renounced
(D) resigned

The offender was amerced for traffic violation.

(A) punished
(B) mulcted
(C) penalized
(D) fined