Synonyms MCQ-49

It is not good to traduce someone’s character.

(A) malign
(B) abuse
(C) praise
(D) expose

He protested that the newspaper account is misleading.

(A) objected
(B) asserted
(C) confirmed
(D) denied

Archaic social traditions have become irrelevant.

(A) antique
(B) antiquated
(C) old
(D) medieval

A peace treaty was formalized by the belligerent countries.

(A) hostile
(B) bellicose
(C) pugnacious
(D) warring

The company could not cope with the tough market competition and went bust.

(A) broke
(B) burst
(C) bankrupt
(D) ruined

He conducts his affairs in a cloak of secrecy.

(A) caper
(B) pretext
(C) mask
(D) cover

The soldier crawled towards the enemy post in darkness.

(A) slithered
(B) squirmed
(C) creeped
(D) strode

He is a devout Hindu.

(A) sincere
(B) holy
(C) pious
(D) irreverent

He is anexpert in this field.

(A) experienced
(B) greenhorn
(C) knowledgeable
(D) connoiss

The implacable creditor refused to give more time to return money despite entreaties.

(A) cruel
(B) inexorable
(C) merciful
(D) flexible

The building perished in the earthquake.

(A) ruined
(B) survived
(C) decayed
(D) disappeared

Treason is an unforgivable crime.

(A) loyalty
(B) sedition
(C) treachery
(D) patriotism

The old man is afflicted with crippling gout.

(A) inflicted
(B) affected
(C) distressed
(D) lashed

Ardentdevotees thronged the congregation.

(A) earnest
(B) fervent
(C) passionate
(D) fierce

The injured animal bellowed in pain.

(A) roared
(B) cried
(C) howled
(D) wailed

The ingenuous boy usually becomes the butt of ridicule in the group.

(A) head
(B) handle
(C) point
(D) target

The thieves clobbered the inmate when he resisted them from collecting the booty.

(A) battered
(B) defeated
(C) closed in a room
(D) pushed

We did not lend credence to the wild rumours.

(A) support
(B) belief
(C) claim
(D) credit

He is a dextrous artist.

(A) deft
(B) clever
(C) inept
(D) righthanded

He expressed his explicit opinion.

(A) open
(B) unequivocal
(C) confused
(D) ambiguous