Synonyms MCQ-23

The adviser of the president acts as his alter ego during his absence.

(A) another self
(B) confidant
(C) alternative
(D) deputy

He attributed his bad temper to his ill health.

(A) allocated
(B) contributed
(C) assigned
(D) credited

He expects us to do hisbidding all the time.

(A) command
(B) summons
(C) performing
(D) subordination

The auditorium has a large capacity.

(A) ability to receive
(B) power
(C) capability
(D) ability

A dictionary is an output of long-time collaboration of many minds.

(A) nexus
(B) connivance
(C) combined labour
(D) alliance

He is crazy about accumulatingwealth.

(A) amassing
(B) gathering
(C) filling
(D) squandering

He was in dismal mood.

(A) sinister
(B) melancholic
(C) gay
(D) annoyed

The former of the two suggestions was acceptable.

(A) prior
(B) past
(C) latter
(D) ancient

He leeched his friend until the entire fortune was exhausted.

(A) sucked
(B) sponged on
(C) treated
(D) befooled

The power breakdown plunged the whole city into darkness.

(A) stooped
(B) submerged
(C) emerged
(D) soared

The wild animal glared at its prey.

(A) glowered
(B) stared
(C) gloated
(D) ogled

He always takes an altruistic approach.

(A) unselfish
(B) truthful
(C) charitable
(D) generous

The student’s audacity shocked the teacher.

(A) temerity
(B) arrogancy
(C) recklessness
(D) boldness

He bided his time until right opportunity to take revenge on me.

(A) called
(B) waited
(C) wasted
(D) sought

Smaller nations capitulate to the degemony of America.

(A) buckle
(B) sag
(C) yield
(D) capture

One has to collate someone’s statement with that of another to know the truth.

(A) arrange
(B) inspect
(C) attach
(D) corroborate

Police used force to curb violence.

(A) quell
(B) check
(C) block
(D) encourage

He dismantled the machine’s parts for packing.

(A) broke
(B) knocked down
(C) separated
(D) assembled

A fortuitous incident changed his life.

(A) fortunate
(B) incidental
(C) accidental
(D) deliberate

A libertine person is despicable.

(A) free
(B) licentious
(C) prudish
(D) pure