Synonyms MCQ-44

Public anger against price-rise of petrol is palpable.

(A) obvious
(B) evident
(C) perceptible
(D) imperceptible

People are skeptical about government’s sincerity to curb corruption.

(A) shaky
(B) confident
(C) doubtful
(D) cynic

The fighter aircraft displayed brilliant feats in the air.

(A) aerobics
(B) acrobatics
(C) aerobatics
(D) aeronautics

He is a rowed apologist of the government policies.

(A) critic
(B) demanding apology
(C) defender
(D) analyst

I beaconed him to come near me.

(A) light house
(B) warned
(C) signalled
(D) guided

Tea was filled in the cup to its brim.

(A) edge
(B) rim
(C) brink
(D) top

Arrange the bills and vouchers in chronological order.

(A) fixed
(B) definite
(C) in sequence of time
(D) periodical

His misdeeds were contemptible.

(A) mean
(B) pardonable
(C) abject
(D) admirable

He denied me what was my due.

(A) refused
(B) withheld
(C) allowed
(D) repudiated

The minister tried to evade reporter’s questions.

(A) dodge
(B) confront
(C) escape
(D) elude

He is known to always take impetuous decisions.

(A) rash
(B) emotional
(C) careful
(D) studied

An amount of one rupee is a paltry sum these days.

(A) petty
(B) contemptible
(C) significant
(D) inconsiderable

A somber passage way led to the large hall.

(A) gloomy
(B) doleful
(C) dusky
(D) bright

Their acrimonious dispute vitiated the relationship.

(A) acrid
(B) harsh
(C) sharp
(D) bitter

Movie stars are apotheosis of glamour to the fans.

(A) god
(B) icon
(C) deified symbol
(D) symbol

Stop befudding the public with misleading propaganda.

(A) muddling
(B) stupefying
(C) meddling
(D) fudgeing

The enraged animal bristled up.

(A) ran briskly
(B) raised its hairs erect
(C) brushed
(D) became stiff

The policeman received a citation for bravery.

(A) award
(B) quotation
(C) censure
(D) commendation

He is contemptuous of people of lower ranks.

(A) disregardful
(B) disdainful
(C) condemnable
(D) averse

We all we should deplore the present state of morality.

(A) bemoan
(B) denounce
(C) rejoice
(D) applaud