Synonyms MCQ-19

The irascible old man was easily provoked to anger.

(A) testy
(B) irritating
(C) calm
(D) rash

A hypochondriac in suffering from phantom feeling of pain in the abdomen.

(A) real
(B) imaginary
(C) ghost
(D) illusory

He is writhingin pain.

(A) rolling
(B) wresting
(C) squirming
(D) twisting

He did his job with alacrity.

(A) bitter feelings
(B) regretfully
(C) unwillingly
(D) liveliness

He is an assiduous student.

(A) diligent
(B) vehement
(C) arduous
(D) acerbic

“Woe betide you,” He cursed.

(A) gifted
(B) awarded
(C) stowed
(D) conferred

He gave a candid reply to the query.

(A) brilliant
(B) shining
(C) honest
(D) frank

Family members coddle elderly persons who are unable to care for themselves.

(A) ignore
(B) mollycoddle
(C) ameliorate
(D) mollify

He hurled curses on his adversary.

(A) malediction
(B) swear
(C) profanity
(D) accusation

Bereaved of elder brother, he was disconsolate.

(A) unhappy
(B) inconsolable
(C) soothed
(D) sad

He is a person of extremely fickle mind.

(A) capricious
(B) stable
(C) capacious
(D) fictitious

The spy was injeopardy of being discovered.

(A) danger
(B) hazard
(C) chance
(D) safety

He is a man of phlegmatic disposition.

(A) humorous
(B) placid
(C) passionate
(D) passive

His sardonic grin was quite offending.

(A) sneering
(B) satisfying
(C) nicious
(D) caustic

He has alienated his entire family.

(A) estranged
(B) deserted
(C) antagonized
(D) annoyed

The neophyte assimilated the party doctrines quickly.

(A) learnt
(B) imbibed
(C) arduous
(D) acerbic

He inadvertently betrayed a secret.

(A) exposed
(B) revealed
(C) misled
(D) deceived

The candour of his speech impressed the audience.

(A) candidness
(B) openness
(C) fairness
(D) impartiality

The police resort to coercive measures to quell the riot.

(A) corrective
(B) forcible
(C) compelling
(D) intimidating

Cute mannerism of the baby was pleasing.

(A) curt
(B) pretty
(C) cunning
(D) keen