Synonyms MCQ-24

Hispoignant remorse was cathartic.

(A) severe
(B) pricking
(C) sincere
(D) mild

He abandoned his old home and shifted to a new one.

(A) Renounced
(B) Demised
(C) Deserted
(D) Forsake

He is alumnus of a prestigious college.

(A) student
(B) graduate
(C) admirer
(D) pass-out

He works overtime to augment his income.

(A) add
(B) increase
(C) enlarge
(D) eke out

Villages agreed to billet visiting students from the town.

(A) let enter
(B) allow stay
(C) provide requested lodging
(D) chase out

A capricious person acts to the dictates of his fancy.

(A) unpredictable
(B) changing
(C) vicarious
(D) whimsical

The surgeon colligated two ends of incision.

(A) collected
(B) tied
(C) cut
(D) combined

He is very curious about his neighbours.

(A) desirous
(B) inquisitive
(C) indifferent
(D) excited

Deadlock in negotiation dismayed both sides.

(A) grieved
(B) disheartened
(C) encouraged
(D) pained

He is a man of frail body constitution.

(A) fragile
(B) brittle
(C) delicate
(D) robust

It was lifeless performance.

(A) dead
(B) animate
(C) dull
(D) living

She was walking carefully poising a water jug on her head.

(A) balancing
(B) controlling
(C) disbalancing
(D) stabilizing

She indulges in flirtations with reckless abandon.

(A) enjoyment
(B) unrestraint
(C) carelessness
(D) involvement

His personality is a strange amalgam of contradictory traits.

(A) alloy
(B) combination
(C) merger
(D) blend

Good monsoon augurs bumper harvest.

(A) prognosticates
(B) predicts
(C) interprets
(D) indicates

He is an annoying blab.

(A) blabbermouth
(B) bore
(C) idiot
(D) egoist

Her stunning beauty captivated the beholders.

(A) captured
(B) fascinated
(C) imprisoned
(D) caught

They colluded in hatching a conspiracy.

(A) combined
(B) conspired
(C) agreed
(D) contracted

Current practice of endogamous marriages is crumbling now.

(A) prevalent
(B) running
(C) obsolete
(D) modern

Wind dispersed the cloud in the sky.

(A) dispelled
(B) gathered
(C) blew
(D) drove away