Synonyms MCQ-21

Coffers of corrupt officials overflow with slush money.

(A) lockers
(B) purse
(C) vaults
(D) almirah

He is temperamentally a credulous person.

(A) suspicious
(B) creditable
(C) unsuspecting
(D) crude

His petty quibblings disgusted me.

(A) delighted
(B) relished
(C) offended
(D) annoyed

He is my bitter foe.

(A) adversary
(B) feud
(C) friend
(D) fiend

They pursued their goal in a lackadaisical manner.

(A) lacking
(B) listless
(C) unconcerned
(D) lively

The political leaders pillory each other in public fora.

(A) push
(B) ridicule publicly
(C) approbate
(D) laugh at

Vagabond urchins loiter all day on the street.

(A) Tramp
(B) Stray
(C) Astray
(D) Discarded

The court ordered a handsome alimony to the divorcee.

(A) maintenance
(B) alms
(C) sustenance
(D) allowance

He assured us that everything would be well.

(A) ensured
(B) promised
(C) confirmed
(D) insured

The couple used to bicker as a matter of habit.

(A) flicker
(B) quiver
(C) argue
(D) quarrel

He violated the basic canons of good behaviour.

(A) mortars
(B) armours
(C) rules
(D) fundamentals

A cog of the motor’s gear wheel got broken.

(A) clab
(B) nail
(C) tooth
(D) slot

It is a very critical moment in his life.

(A) hazardous
(B) crucial
(C) precarious
(D) unimportant

A gust of wind dishevelled his hairs.

(A) tidied
(B) disarrayed
(C) hanged
(D) loosened

Lack of generosity is his notable foible.

(A) failing
(B) character
(C) forte
(D) flaw

Spectators lauded their home team for winning the game.

(A) extolled
(B) celebrated
(C) lamented
(D) shouted

His slogans are full of platitudes.

(A) cliché
(B) novelty
(C) repetitions
(D) trivial

He wore a somber expression on his face.

(A) gloomy
(B) shadowy
(C) sleeping
(D) sorrowful

The minister’s assurance allayed the peoples fear of draconian law.

(A) mitigated
(B) mollified
(C) soothed
(D) moderated

He is an astute politician.

(A) arrogant
(B) shrewd
(C) pragmatic
(D) keen