Synonyms MCQ-43

The accused acknowledged his involvement in the crime.

(A) accepted
(B) admitted
(C) confessed
(D) conceded

The government seems to be apathetic to controlling corruption.

(A) unsympathetic
(B) unconcerned
(C) against
(D) concerned

This gown becomes your personality.

(A) comes for
(B) attracts
(C) fits
(D) befits

Brevity made his speech impressive.

(A) duration
(B) boldness
(C) briefness
(D) fearlessness

She chicaned him into marrying her.

(A) coerced
(B) cheated
(C) cajoled
(D) tricked

His moral conscience constrained him to abstain from wrongdoings.

(A) curbed
(B) forced
(C) obliged
(D) held

The demure girl sat aloof.

(A) sober
(B) hesitant
(C) indecorous
(D) arrogant

The universe is eternal.

(A) unchanging
(B) perpetual
(C) enduring
(D) transitory

He was feared due to his imperious behaviour.

(A) unnecessary
(B) perilous
(C) overbearing
(D) submissive

Ominous dark clouds look ominous.

(A) portentous
(B) threatening
(C) propitious
(D) harmful

The river takes a sinuous path through the valley.

(A) side
(B) straight
(C) flexuous
(D) circuitous

They acquainted the boss with their plans.

(A) informed
(B) made conversant
(C) made known
(D) familiarized

Many apocryphal stories about him are doing rounds.

(A) false
(B) spurious
(C) doubtful
(D) unauthentic

I warn you stop badgering me.

(A) pestering
(B) worrying
(C) baiting
(D) disturbing

A law and order crisis is brewing in the town.

(A) concocting
(B) fomenting
(C) developing
(D) steeping

He is a chronic smoker.

(A) habitual
(B) constant
(C) inveterate
(D) incorrigible

He contemplates buying a new car.

(A) plans
(B) thinks
(C) ponders
(D) proposes

People denounce the politicians as morally corrupt.

(A) declare
(B) announce
(C) condemn
(D) commend

Griffing with patients’ treatment is against the professional ethics.

(A) beliefs
(B) honesty
(C) immorality
(D) principles of morality

His impertinent behaviour annoyed me.

(A) irrelevant
(B) brazen
(C) insane
(D) polite