Synonyms MCQ-38

The criminals committed the crime with complete sangfroid.

(A) composure
(B) discomfiture
(C) confusion
(D) easiness

The drawing hall was adorned with bric-a-brac.

(A) decorated
(B) arranged
(C) beautified
(D) painted

A deep-seated animosity between the two sisters was a problem for the family.

(A) opposition
(B) hostility
(C) enmity
(D) antagonism

His acerbic barbs were pinching.

(A) thorns
(B) pointed edges
(C) carping remarks
(D) beards

He is a minister and a litterateur to boot.

(A) bargain
(B) help
(C) besides
(D) extra

We all detested his cavalier manners.

(A) gallant
(B) domineering
(C) supercilious
(D) nagging

Complicated courts jargons confound the litigants.

(A) perplex
(B) surprise
(C) bewilder
(D) increase the confusion

He felt degraded with their remarks.

(A) defeating
(B) obedient
(C) rebellious
(D) decorous

The sun emerged from behind the clouds.

(A) cam out
(B) emanated
(C) immerged
(D) mixed up

He never heeds sane advice.

(A) listens
(B) cares
(C) worries
(D) ignores

He mumbled his views on the subject of discussion.

(A) articulated
(B) muted
(C) muttered
(D) uttered

The boy passed scurrilous remarks on the girls passing by.

(A) obscene
(B) jocular
(C) decent
(D) crude

He is an adroit sculptor.

(A) clever
(B) ingenious
(C) adept
(D) clumsy

The victorious country annexed part of a territory of the defeated country.

(A) appended
(B) added
(C) attached
(D) supplemented

An inebriate suddenly barged into my room.

(A) broke
(B) entered
(C) forced
(D) intruded

The dog bounded across the field.

(A) leashed
(B) tied
(C) bolted
(D) ran

Art galleries are caviar to the general public.

(A) distasteful
(B) detasted
(C) unappreciated by the ignorant
(D) unpopular

He successfully confuted his opponent’s charges.

(A) denied
(B) confounded
(C) disputed
(D) refuted

The defeated team members wore a dejected expression.

(A) rejected
(B) sad
(C) despirited
(D) elated

Hordes of technocrats emigrate to U.S.A. every year.

(A) leave own country to settle in a foreign country
(B) immigrate
(C) move
(D) flee